Food Labeling Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

One of the most important and, thus, scrutinized processes of food packaging operation is the labeling. But many people end up making labeling mistakes. While it is easy to make those mistakes, it is equally easier to steer clear from them. You just need to have a proper plan to carry out the food labeling process.

There are a number of mistakes that manufacturers make while labeling the food products. Some common ones are worth mentioning in this regard.

Illegible labeling

You may focus on making the food label attractive but there is a chance of you ending up making the label illegible. Illegible labeling is one of the most common mistakes. It is a legal requirement to create clearly understandable labels.

If your products are for the household consumers or you they include claims and guarantees, you need to get approval from Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). There is not going to be much demand for your food products in the market if their labels are not easy to read. And if there is a part of required information missing from the product label, it is going to be even worse than having fewer sales.

Not listing single ingredients by their common names

Not listing the names of single ingredients by their proper and common names is another labeling mistake. You have to make sure that you are not using any kind of shortcuts while listing the name. for this purpose, you will have to use the ingredient names which are commonly understandable by the audience you are targeting.

Nutritional facts issues

You don’t want your food product to be regarded as fad food in the market. For this purpose, you have to take two things in consideration; i.e. you need to be honest about the product, and you have to make sure that you have provided right nutritional facts.

Make sure that you have listed every ingredient of the product that you are selling to your customers. Let your customers know about quantity of ingredients they get with each serving.

Difficult to read fonts

When you are designing your labels, you have to make sure that you are making your fonts readable. The text on the labels should not be overdone with small or busy fonts. The labels are for messages, nutritional information and facts. Make sure that your customers can read these details easily.

Not following legal requirements

The labeling of your food products needs to fulfill some legal requirements. Your statement of identity, country of origin, place of business, et contents, ingredient statement, nutrition facts panel, and statement/warning on allergens are all of the details that you are bound to provide to your customers.

Remember, proper details need to be provided by the food product that you are selling. Without these details, you may not be able to qualify as a quality product.


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